List of some references and resources in the areas of disability justice, access, first-person madness narratives, racial justice, equity, trauma and mental health in the arts from my reading and research these past two years.


Beyond the Gender Binary – Alok Vaid-Menon
Continuum – Chella Man
Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice – Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Decolonizing Research: Indigenous Storywork as Methodology – Jo-ann Archibald, Jenny Lee-Morgan & Jason de Santolo, eds.
Decolonizing Trauma Work: Indigenous Stories and Strategies – Renee Linklater
Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia – Anita Heiss, ed.
My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies – Resmaa Menakem
Permafrost – SJ Norman
Shadows in the Sun: Healing from Depression and Finding the Light Within – Gayathri Ramprasad
The Color of Hope: People of Color Mental Health Narratives – Vanessa Hazzard & Iresha Picot, eds.
The Colour of Madness: Exploring BAME Mental Health in the UK – Samara Linton & Rianna Walcott, eds.
White Tears/Brown Scars – Ruby Hamad

EQUITY, RACIAL, DISABILITY & SOCIAL JUSTICE: Education, Consulting, Resources & Articles

Ally Etiquette: The Disability Terms Everyone Should Know – Maggie Shou, Carly Findlay
Centre for Cultural Competence Australia – majority Indigenous-owned consulting and cultural training organisation
Clear Expectations: Guidelines for institutions, galleries and curators working with trans, non-binary and gender diverse artists in Australia – Archie Barrie and Spence Messih
Creative Equity Toolkit
Democracy in Colour – racial and economic justice organisation led by people of colour
Disability Language Style Guide – National Center on Disability and Journalism
Erfan Daliri – social change consultant
Gender Pronouns Dos and Don’ts
Hue – social justice consulting and educational organisation run by two women of colour, Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg and Sonia Sofat
Priyanka Ashraf – equity advocate
Tasneem Chopra – diversity, equity and inclusion training and consultation
The Australian Centre for Living Experience (TACFLE) – Mad informed-living experience support, leadership, mentoring and consultancy.
We See You White American Theatre – collective of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) theatremakers addressing the scope and pervasiveness of anti-Blackness and racism in American theatre.


10 Ways to Make Your Website Accessible
Community Access (Captions, Transcripts, Image Descriptions) – Facebook group for crowdsourcing image descriptions, captions and transcripts
Color Safe – colour palettes to meet WCAG Guidelines fpr web accessibility
Cooper Hewitt Guidelines for Image Description
Facebook Post by Mia Mingus on the need fo accessibility info on event promotion, social media and web
I felt less alone’: how Australians with disabilities are fearing life after the pandemic – Luke Henriques-Gomes
Understanding Competing Accessibility Needs
Web AIM – colour contrast checker for web acessibility
You’re Using the Word “Neurodiversity” Wrong


Creatives of Colour – research and design-driven platform that uplifts First Nations, Black and People of Colour creatives based in Kulin Country (Melbourne)
Arts Access Victoria – disability-led peak body for arts and disability in Victoria
Djaara – Balaki Wuka – representative body for the Dja Dja Wurrung People
Nalderun – a service that supports the Aboriginal Community, led by Aboriginal people on Dja Dja Wurrung Country
Diversity Arts Australia – national voice for ethno-cultural and migrant racial equity in the arts, cultural and creative industries
Regional Victorians of Colour – collective of people of colour living in regional victoria


Alt Text as Poetry – Bojana Coklyat and Shannon Finnegan
Australian artist Eugenie Lee evokes the pain of endometriosis in high-tech experiential artworks – Hannah Reich, ABC Arts
Distance Between Us – Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) initiative
(XXX) – SJ Norman and Joseph M. Pierce

Thank you to Dr Vanessa Godden for consulting on the project, which included input into this reference list.